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We here at INEWSMEDIA help you in creating Catchy Intro Videos for your company to get a Polished & Professional Look.


And having the first good impact in the market for being memorable & professional starts with Intro Video which should be simple, scalable & versatile for goodwill. 

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Key Features to Consider:
 An Intro Video should be on the short side, around 10
 Any longer than 10 seconds and you will lose viewers
who would otherwise click through to the rest of your
 Whereas any shorter than 10 seconds and you don’t
have time to make an impression.

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1. Providing Quality Work.

We offer you guaranteed services with the best quality work. All the likes, followers and views that we provide are purely organic.

2. Delivering services Timely

We assure you timely services as per the deadlines set by you, immediately after the payment is been done from your side.

3- 24/7 customer support

We are available for our clients 24/7 to satisfy their needs. As we believe, if the work is assigned by your side it should be well executed from our team.

4. Team of Qualified Professionals.

We here at Inewsmedia ensure that our clients are served in the best possible way & for the same, our team of Qualified Professionals is well-trained and gets skill enhancement when needed.