terms & conditions


INEWSMEDIA is a Service-Based firm situated in Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal) with an impressive track record creating responsive solutions to support Small News publishers, Digital Media, News Start-ups & Newspaper Agencies. 

  1. Revenue sharing Percentage:
  1. Percentage Profit Sharing by the company: 30 
  2. Percentage Profit Sharing by the representative: 70
  1. Payment term guidelines:
  1. Payment to be made within 60 days from the 30th day of every calendar month. Every payment is subject to timely applicable payment processing fees. 
  2. Monetization revenue for the product to be received in the bank account of the Company or any such bank account assigned by it. 
  3. Upon receiving the revenue, 70% of the monetization revenue shall be shared to The Representative in the account details given by it.
  1. Threshold limit:

Listed below is the fixed Profit-Sharing Criteria for our clients, who do agree to the conditions for the further processing of the agreement: 

  1. >15$ = Profit Sharing Ratio = 0
  2. ≤15$ = Profit Sharing Ratio = 70:30
  1. Monthly report:

It is also agreed that the company will generate the monthly report at the end of the respective month and will send the report to the publisher for further dispute.

  1. No- Locking period:

There will not be any bound for publisher but the publisher cannot terminate the agreement anytime or if he wants to terminate then it should be informed 15 days prior to our team.

  1. Second party:

The company is not considered as an independent contractor but will be working as a second party between ad network & publishers.

  1. Ad code:

The company, will provide you the ad code & the publisher will advertise through this ad code on their website.

  1. No exchange of publisher’s website/portal access:

Publisher is not bound by any confidentiality of clause & are also not bound in any case, to share its id password of their website.

  1. Termination of agreement: 

This Agreement can be terminated mutually or by either party with prior 15 days’ notice upon completion of the lock in period.